Low PIM Coaxial Cable Assemblies are used in applications where High Power and/or High Density (many cables and equipment bundled together) exist.  Such as Distributed Antenna PIM_1938Systems (DAS), Riser, in-cabinet, cellular, PCS and In-building applications.
LTE 4G and 5G.

To reduce interference (Passive Intermodulation) these low PIM cable assemblies are designed and built to meet low noise floor requirements, typically -160 dBc or better.

Sat-Pak offers two types of Low PIM cable assemblies using Times Microwave Systems TFT-402 and SPP-250-LLPL Coax and genuine Times connectors.  Both offer low loss and Low PIM performance and are highly flexible.

1).  SP402 (0.160″ outside diameter) blue FEP
These cables can be used in most applications.  They are cost effective and perform extremely well and meet All Low PIM requirements.  They are flexible and are available in standard or custom lengths.

SP402 is a better performing alternative to semi-flexible (solder braid) coax for interconnects in commercial RF and microwave systems.  Unlike solder braid cables, SP402 cable’s flat braid outer conductor is not susceptible to cracking when bent, allowing for installation in tight spaces without performance degradation.  Compared to standard RG cables, the flat braid provides much better shielding and lower attenuation.  The FEP jacket provides excellent protection in corrosive environments and is highly resistant to UV making these cables suitable for outdoor installation.

SP402 cables are CMP (plenum) rated and provide better than -160 dBc PIM performance when properly terminated, making them ideal for interconnects in cellular base stations and DAS coverage systems.

Benefits & Features
• Low Passive Intermodulation Distortion (PIM)
• UL910 plenum rated satisfying building code requirements
• Stable Loss, Phase and VSWR vs. Flexing
• Extremely Flexible, Low Minimum Bend Radius
• Lower loss than standard Semi-ridid
• Uses Standard Solder-on Semi-ridig Connectors
• Good Shielding effectiveness

Available connector types:
7/16 Din-male
4.1-9.5 (mini) Din-male and SMA-male

Times SP402-table

2).  SP250 (0.280″ outside diameter) blue FEP
These cables can be used in all applications.  They are made of corrugated copper outer conductor and provide greater than 100dB RF Shielding.  They have a wideband low VSWR typically 1.15:1 from 50 to 6,000 MHz.  They are flexible and available in standard and custom lengths.

In-Building, Low Loss, Low PIM, Plenum rated cable assemblies.
•  Excellent PIM (typically -160 dBc) for optimum system performance.
•  UL 910 plenum rated satisfying building code requirements.
•  Super flexible for ease of installation.
•  Corrugated copper outer conduction providing greater than 100dB shielding.
•  Wideband low VSWR typically 1.15:1 from 50 to 6000MHz covering all in-building technologies.
•  Durable FEP outer jacket is suitable for outdoor use.

Available connector types:  
N-male straight
N-male right angle
N-female bulkhead
7/16 Din-male straight
7/16 Din-male right angle

Times SP250-table